What Sets Us Apart

Today, there are a wide variety of choices available for the management of investment assets. We hope through reading the FAQ’s one reaches the conclusion that the BEST choice is the use of a professional fee-only investment manager.

How do clients benefit from working with us, versus other money managers?

  1. Portfolios are customized to fit the needs and goals of each client. We do not follow a model where one size fits all or follow an asset allocation approach that does not consider individual return requirements.
  2. We do our own investment research of stocks and bonds and do not rely on others or use middlemen. An underlying tenet is that diligent research is fundamental to prudent investment decisions. The owners of the firm are directly accountable to clients for the investments. A call to us regarding any portfolio investment security will get a knowledgeable response.
  3. Our background in education and training is in accounting. This provides us with an excellent understanding of corporate finances and a leg up in investment research.
  4. Our investment experience going back over thirty years provides an invaluable perspective and knowledgeable insights for our clients.
  5. We are independently owned by individuals with strong community ties. Our independence means flexibility to do what is always right for our clients without an out of town owner setting conditions. Our community ties are a reflection of our values and of giving back.
  6. Everyone is team focused. All the members of the investment team incorporate the same philosophy and process. Clients are not assigned to a portfolio manager who may not share the same investment discipline that is the firm’s hallmark.
  7. We are open and honest and our clients enjoy working with us!


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